Regarding agreements for the college or university event of their third season and you will most recent season at You

Yuyu is the greatest buddy of Nejire along with her classmate and you will it seem to be very intimate, as well as dealing with both from the its first-name, a number of closeness you to definitely Nejire has not yet revealed along with other family unit members. Nejire features assist Yuyu help the girl as the the lady first year so you can prepare for the school festival’s yearly beauty pageant as well as for Nejire’s newest charm pageant, Yuyu led their so you can win from the helping her prepare yourself everything from her clothing for the stuff regarding the lady performance. [1]

A good., Nejire silently reached Yuyu and you can confesses so you’re able to Izuku and you may Mirio that the very first time she entered the sweetness movement is at Yuyu’s idea, however, admits one she’s been having fun ever since. Yuyu wholeheartedly supporting Nejire helping her plan the newest contest on the months leading up to the Festival. [2] Inside plans to the contest, Yuyu defended Nejire when Bibimi insulted the woman gown and turned into really crazy whenever she believes that Bibimi try seeking to ruin this lady immediately after wanting a complete inside her footwear, but Nejire concludes her and believes it’s some sort of error. Nejire ran as much as Yuyu, proclaiming that even in the event she doesn’t feel by herself, she is still this lady, and that is that which you she enjoys regarding the woman, area of the entire plan, and you can watching those things that you don’t such as about you into the a greatest light. [3]

Yuyu believes that nobody can compare to Nejire’s beauty and also phone calls the lady “the fresh cutest thing in the newest universe” [4] and you can gets frightened you to Nejire do not meet his desire to profit. During the Nejire’s past Beauty pageant within College Festival, Yuyu try determined that Nejire carry out winnings the sweetness pageant detailing you to Nejire does not need to examine herself so you’re able to Bibimi as she keeps her very own strength and you may whines having happiness whenever Nejire wins this new pageant. [5]

Mirio Togata

While they’re not on a first identity basis, the two enjoys known both during their time during the U.A. and you will each other inform you concern to the almost every other into the hard issues. Due to the fact she and you will Mirio has actually comparable energetic characters which commonly issues that have Nejire’s chatty emotions, far to their chagrin. not, that it similar character together with makes it much simpler both for of them to talk and you can mingle with each other, instead of Tamaki’s hushed characteristics.

Nejire Hado/Dating

Nejire spotted the latest operate Mirio experienced to master You.A great. and constantly praises his Quirk and you will efficiency. Through the their 3rd seasons within U.Good., Nejire advised Mirio you to definitely their progress is actually outrageous and you can informs him that he is happier the whole university was recognizing your. [6] Nejire is shocked whenever Mirio confronted Class step one-A towards a battle at the gym and you may into the challenge, Nejire stated you to definitely Mirio has gotten stronger. If the challenge is more than, Nejire desires describe Mirio’s Quirk towards the youngsters and says to them the name of their Quirk, and you can got a little annoyed whenever Mirio don’t let her keep speaking, resulting in Mirio so you’re able to apologize in order to their. [7] Nejire turned into noticeably worried getting Mirio immediately after Sir Nighteye’s reunion, found when she is actually earnestly trying brighten him up-and convince your to not ever become too much on the themselves while in the his depression over Eri’s condition. The night before cut goal, Nejire beamed in the Mirio and you can advised your to put ahead energy about objective. Nejire try grateful observe Mirio get well their cheerful and you may effective character. [8]

When Yosetsu said the sweetness pageant, Mirio mentions in order to Izuku and Eri one Nejire usually be involved in the newest pageant and Nejire is grateful to see her or him. Nejire told Mirio one she planned to earn brand new Miss Con Beauty Pageant during the U.Good. College or university Festival and he offered the woman and you will informed her with confidently informs the lady that may winnings. [2] Through the their results on the contest, Mirio checked-out the girl amazed by the her performance and Nejire observed they among audience and was grateful observe they. Once Nejire victories the fresh new contest, Mirio beamed since an indication of congratulation. [5]